Monday, July 19, 2010

Shou Fuwa

So, this guy is the antagonist of Skip Beat. At first I wasn't going to use his character because it didn't seem as developed as the others, but I think I have just enough material to write a bit on him.

First of all, he grew up in a household where he was meant to take over the family business. This also meant that he was quite spoiled from a young age. Kyoko, having parents of her own that care so little spent most of her time at his house as a child up through the time that they both ran off to Tokyo for him to become a famous musician. His reason for leaving, as he initially told Kyoko, was that he didn't want to be married off to some boring girl and live out his parent's dream. What he didn't tell Kyoko until she overheard his conversation was that she was in fact the girl that he was going to be married off too. He doesn't have a whole lot of care for people that are not useful or not interesting enough for him. His cold attitude for Kyoko continued until he met her again, as an actress for his own music video.

Her ability to adapt and feel, as well as her beauty, captivated him. And since then, he hasn't been able to let her go. But as luck would have it, just before she leaves Shou's company, Ren calls. She even says his name because it was only the second time calling her. Shou's jealousy switch turns on big time after that. There was his worst enemy, being so buddy buddy with a girl he took for granted that he wasn't only calling her (as enormously busy as he was), but was taking the time to listen to her own personal issues. While Ren perhaps always hated Shou for his affect on Kyoko. Shou hated Ren for simply knowing and talking to her (as well as the fact that Ren was far more famous than Shou was). Shou took the phone from Kyoko and hung up on Ren. As simple as this sounds, this one act started so many problems on both sides. The next time Shou met Kyoko, it was for her to tell him that he was being a coward, as another band topped the charts, copying his music. He slapped her across the face, and his ring cut her cheek.

Now, this was probably the point where Shou realized he went way to far, because he showed up at the set for Dark Moon. He had the misfortune of seeing Kyoko, just as she arrived with Ren that day. Jealous as all get out, he pulled her aside to give her something for her cheek. She blatantly refused, and then he apologized for having hurt her (which Ren heard).

The next time they met was when she was filming on location. Again she called him out for running away from the other band. And then he started appearing on her set almost all the time. She eventually came in close contact with the opposing band, and the lead vocalist started to stalk her. Shou actually protected her and faught for her on this particular occassion. He even ate with her one morning (much to Kyoko's dismay). This continued until Ren arrived by plane. Shou even had the nerve to go up to Ren's room to check on Kyoko, which pissed Ren off immensely. After that, Shou attempted to confess to Kyoko the next morning that he actually liked her, but was instantly cut off by a rather vigorus attempt on Ren's part to distract her, as well as make it clear to Shou that Kyoko was his. After that, Shou disappeared again for a while.

Then he by chance, met her again much later at a TV station the day before valentines day. In a complete misunderstanding, Shou thought that Kyoko was the lover of the man who had been stalking her. This led to an extreme word slashing in the hallway, and later to Shou giving Kyoko an enormous boquet of flowers as "congratulations" on her set on V-day. She, quite peeved, proceeded to tell him that the chocolate she made for her male stalker was to pay him off, and that she had written on it for him to got to hell, not that she loved him (all in front of Ren too).

When she was done yelling and about to leave, Shou forcefully kissed her (which just about caused Ren to get in a fight). From there, he left and they haven't really talked since. He of course believes that she is "his."

Since then, however, Ren has in fact done quite the job in damage control and is now currently staying several days with Kyoko in various hotels due to an acting assignment. Sorry Shou, looks like your hopes may be dashed.

But as for Shou's character, he reminds me a lot of a guy I knew in high school. He's completely selfish, with only little hints of remorse along the way. He doesn't really know what he wants, but grabs at everything he can. He's childish and perhaps pretty greedy too, but not all together heartless. He's also extremely jealous and massively egotistical... all traits that both Kyoko and Ren hate to the extreme.

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