Thursday, July 22, 2010

Michael Weston

So, this man is the man character of the hit TV series Burn Notice. I really have to give Kudos to the people who made this series. All of the characters are extremely interesting, and Michael, probably the most of all of them.

He is an ex-spy. Which denotes perhaps why we are suddenly able to see into his secret world. Right off the bat, we a thrown into a situation that shows just how dangerous his job is and just how wrong it can go, while still remaining in control of the situation. Michael's narrations and explinations throughout the series truly dictates just how amazing the writing is for his character.

Unlike things that are explained in a way that is purely perhaps common sense to most, this series goes way outside the box. Michael makes the audience believe that that common sense is perhaps our enemy rather than our friend.

Behind the scenes, Michael's supporters are his ex-girlfriend Fiona, the ex-navy seal Sam, his mother, and later his brother too.

His skills are that of a professional. He can disappear, snag information, and force negotiations with people who would rather not deal. He can also impersonate any character, based on what is being looked for to complete his job. With the drop of a dime he can change tactics on the spot. Making people believe that his plan is their plan is his specialty. Perhaps this is the reason why he is so dangerous. But at no point is he invincible.

As a person, he cares deeply for his family, even if he doesn't show it. He never leaves a friend behind even if the odds are stacked against him. He sees the little details that no one else does and uses them to his advantage. His own personal weaknesses also sometimes become his best strengths in the field. He can however be over obsessive, especially when it relates to information on who burned him.

He's aware of the cost of human life. He tries to avoid it, but occasionally, his missions end up taking a few lives. It seems to bother him much more when the cost is someone he knows (for informational purposes for example than a criminal he is louring in). He gives no special backwards thoughts to blowing up a few things along the way or nailing a few criminals, especially when they've harmed one of his friends. He specializes in making other criminals kill or drive out the person he needs dead or gone, so he doesn't have to dirty his hands. On the other hand, he goes to great lengths to protect his family (especially his mother). He only follows the rules until he can get around them, especially if otherwise the result would be immoral or unjust.

As a character, he's had a scarred family life in his past. That's perhaps why he's able to be a spy. He's able to make the tough decisions when it counts and sacrifice himself when there is no other way around a situation. As much as he cares though, he hardly ever lets personal feelings get in the way of his job. He trusts his friends to do their parts properly, so he always attempts to do his role to its full potential. His quick thinking and agile movements are probably his best traits. On the flip side, since he's been ex-ed as a spy, he's beginning to do things for the greater good of the common people. Getting back in the game, though, is what might make him turn a card that he's left alone until now.

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